About Us

Before we talk about us – lets talk about you. Whether you are disabled, offer a disability service or are connected to disability in any other way then this site has a place for you.

Disability Sanctuary started as a dream in late 2010. Whilst i was suffering with a disability of my own and becoming housebound i began to look online for learning. I managed to find disability forums and other communities but i soon felt that something was missing from them. This is where i began to dream of making a modern, friendly and vibrant blog.

Our Mission

  • To help every disabled person have access to all support, information and advice available on this site
  • To enable people to be in control of their own health and wellbeing

What you can expect from us

You will have access to advice and information about standard, holistic alternatives and other therapies to help with your disabilities and conditions.

You will find information about vitamins, minerals, medications and supplements which enable you to be in control of your health and wellbeing.

Disability Sanctuary is aware that not everyone can rely on alternative methods so we will give access to information about which alternatives can be used alongside your standard medications.