It goes without saying that everyone wants to be able to live independently and take care of themselves for as long as possible. While there are a number of things you can do to stay fit and healthy, there are also many adaptations and services that can make life easier and help you live in your own home for longer. Here are some tips to help you maintain your independence as you age.

Adapted Furniture

Stair lifts and electric recliner chairs are commonplace when adapting a home, but there are a number of other solutions. Two rooms that often require the largest changes are the kitchen and bathroom – largely because these are the most high risk areas and involve slippery surfaces. In the bathroom, there is the option of seated showers and walk in baths, while in the kitchen, cabinets and units can be lowered for wheelchair users. In both areas, it is wise to invest in non-slip flooring to reduce the probability of falls.

Alert Systems

Red pull alarms are frequently found in over-55 complexes, but modern technology has given rise to more sophisticated and reliable systems. Rather than having one pull alert point, there are new systems that use a WiFi connection that is automatically activated from anywhere in the home, as well as wearable alarm technology that sends a signal in case of an accident or fall.

Home Help

Traditionally, home help comes in the form of a nurse who can help you to wash, dress and perform household chores such as cooking and cleaning. However, just like alert systems, technology promises convenient home improvements. Virtual or telecommuting doctors could become common practice, whereby a patient can speak to a health professional through an online video service. This would be particularly beneficial for those who have to make long journeys to hospitals and doctors surgeries.

Home Services As well as adaptations and help, there are also a number of services that can make life at home easier. Often, an elderly person is no longer able to live independently because they are unable to cook and feed themselves, leading to malnutrition. However, there are many companies offering pre-prepared meals that can be delivered to your home, which simply need to be heated in the microwave. As well as food, there are home delivery services for prescription medication, as well as couriers that can collect letters and parcels from your door.